Cycles For Famers (CFF) is a nonprofit social enterprise which seeks bicycle mobility solutions among small-scale farmers and young people to improve their livelihoods.This is being realized through a network of partners and supporters in Uganda who support our cause and those around the world who donate secondhand bicycles to our programs. Once donated bicycles are received, they are refurbished to new and are sold on micro-loans or fully purchased by farmers and youths. To have a long-term sustainable impact, CFF believes in innovation and creativity from its project beneficiaries to consider self-employment as a career and develop the skills and attitudes that make up an entrepreneurial mindset and self-reliance.

CFF also reinvests into local communities through bicycle donations to school going children/youths and funds bicycle mechanical training classes in partnership with vocational institute trainers. Bicycles are a common and versatile means of transport in Uganda and have an astounding impact on households resulting in increased incomes, facilitate goods movements, reduce dropout rates for rural school going youths, create jobs, increase access to health centers and bridge the gap between farms and markets.

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