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Our Mission

Based in Uganda, Cycles For Farmers (CFF) is a non profit social enterprise that seeks bicycle mobility solutions among smallholder farmers and young people (youth) that are particularly involved in farming, trade, education and community activities, in doing so, we offer transport solutions and improve livelihoods.This is being realized through a partnership with our partner Working Bikes and other supporters who support our cause and donate bicycles to foster our programs.


Get Involved.

Farmers Bicycle Financing Program (FBF)

Are you a smallholder farmer looking to finance a purchase of a bicycle with small monthly installments? Our bicycle asset financing allows crop, poultry and animal keeping farmers to obtain a bicycle to increase their productivity Kindly contact our Program Staff Ms. Susan on email: [email protected]

Community Bicycle Mechanics Program (CBM)

Are you a youth interested in starting a small bike repair shop? Our team of mechanics would love to train you in bicycle repair skills so you can start your small business. This is a free training course for young people done at CFF’s shop and you will participate in repairing walk in client’s bicycles and obtain practical bike repairs experience.

Community Bicycle Donations (CBD)

CFF will donate bicycles to rural schools, community organizations and individuals who demonstrate an urgent need. Interested schools and community organizations could send us an email requesting for partnerships to: [email protected]

School Cycling Clubs

CFF and our Bikes Hub shop organizes school cycling club events, every week in selected partner schools in and around Kampala sub-burbs. We work with schools to provide an environment where students can participate in physical bike activities with their friends and be motivated to be active. Interested schools who are interested in a partnership, kindly contact the club leader Andrew Mukundane: [email protected]

Corporate Cycling

We will organize a cycling event for your team geared towards your cycling goal. This event involves employees coming together to ride bikes for a charitable cause or promote a healthy lifestyle. We will create the ideal event giving you an experience and strengthening the bonds among co-workers. If there is a specific event you would like CFF to come on board, kindly contact us.

Rent a Bicycle

There’s no better way to see a new city than by bike. You get to explore a new place at your own pace and skip traffic while adding fun to every mile. We have mountain and electric bike rentals for wherever you roam. Visit our CFF/Bikes Hub Shop in Bukoto and see available rental bikes. Remember to come with your National ID for rentals

Why Bikes?

Making bicycles accessible is our priority in fulfilling CFF’s mission. Bicycles offer numerous benefits in Uganda


Affordable Transportation:

In Uganda, walking and cycling are the most common modes of transport. A bicycle is a work horse whose contribution on the farm is impossible to quantify. The humble bicycle is one farm tool that plays a key role in boosting the productivity of a rural farmer and without it, many rural farmers feel incapacitated.


Economic Empowerment:

Bicycles can be used amongst small-holder farmers, small traders and informal sector workers to transport goods to markets and make their businesses very profitable.This can eventually enable entrepreneurship and expand economic opportunities for individuals and communities in Uganda.


Health & wellness:

Strengthening our school cycling club partnership with a mission to keep school kids active, improves their mental health and overall physical stamina. We support schools in and around Kampala to make it easier for pupils to cycle and help students learn basic cycling skills and safety awareness.


Improved access to education:

Many children in rural areas have to walk long distances to school. Bicycles can reduce travel time, allowing them to arrive at school energized and on time.


Social Connectivity:

Bicycles facilitate social interaction and community cohesion. They enable people travel to hospitals, events, visit friends and relatives and participate in community activities more easily. Partnerships are central to CFF’S model, particularly with local communities and a constant availability of spare-parts and bike mechanics.

Why Give?

Uganda is a country where 70% of the population lives below the poverty line. Bicycles will improve livelihoods, provide employment opportunities, improve access to education since they are relatively affordable and require minimal maintenance, making them a suitable solution for communities with limited resources. Overall, donating bicycles can contribute to economic development, social equity and environmental sustainability in Uganda and developing countries.

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