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Esau Mafabi: Coffee Farmer & student, 26years, Sironko district (Code/SR/304)

The bicycle helps him transport sacks of green coffee beans for hulling at the Budadiri Coffee factory where the beans are graded based on size, density and quality. Getting produce to the market or processing factory is not easy, says Esau. You only have two choices; hike with it or hire a motorbike to carry it, options that are physically exhausting, time consuming and expensive”. Esau grows Arabic coffee on the slopes of mountain Elgon, Eastern Uganda and obtained a Trek size 26 bicycle under CFF’s smallholder bicycle asset financing scheme. 

The factory pays him Shs.6000 per kg from coffee beans and he has been able to double his income since he no-longer spends a lot of money on hiring a motorbike to transport coffee beans to the factory. The income has also enabled him to pursue a diploma in civil engineering at Mount Elgon Technical Institute and uses the same bicycle daily to study at the institute.

Daniel Atwenda: Team Leader, VIPAWA Children’s Art Museum, Jinja district.

CFF under its donation program donated 2 bicycles (Huffy & Schwinn) to the VIPAWA Children’s Art Museum on Wilson Avenue, Jinja district. The museum is a home for kids ART programs that endeavor to steer kids Art voices in communities and schools.

Jude Masaba, maize farmer, 28 years, Matuga, Kawempe district (Code/KW/301)

Jude obtained a blue Schwinn bicycle under our Farmers Asset Financing Program (FAF) to support him move between his farm and the main fresh vegetables and fruits market in Matuga. He grows maize and bananas on his 2 acre small farm which he later sells at the main market. 

He noted that “ I can at least harvest 18 sacks of maize and 20 bunches of bananas every season and the bicycle will help me monitor price movements in the market, buy fertilizers, pesticides and farm equipment”. On consultation with the program manager Ms. Susan, the farmer purchased the Schwinn bicycle with a 5 monthly installment fee of Shs. 70,000 ($18).  He noted that on some occasions, his son uses the same bicycle to go to Namatala primary school about 35minutes from their home. The bicycle has improved their household income as he noted that in the 1st crop season, he made twice more profits compared to previous seasons. A season he normally earns between Shs. 3million but this time he was able to earn about Shs. 4.3 million.

David Kato, pigs/cattle farmer, 31 years, Busunju/Wakiso district (Code/WK/003)

David is a farmer in Busunju who obtained a black Rover Uvera bicycle under CFF’s Farmers Asset Financing Program (FAF) at Shs. 200,000 ($53), payable with 4 monthly installments of Shs.50,000 ($13).  On his small farm, he rears pigs, goats, cows and also grows vegetables. He uses the bicycle to travel to slaughter slabs to check on current prices, buying pig mash/straw for his cows, buying drugs and medication for his animals, transporting small piglets for sale, delivering milk from his cows to neighboring homes etc.  For big pigs, he will normally hire a motorcycle as they are too big to be carried on his bicycle. David noted that on acquiring his bicycle, he strictly observed a good feeding routine especially on the pigs and made up a profit of Shs. 400,000 ($106) on each pig he sold after raising and feeding it for 7 months. He was able to pay the full amount of his bicycle before the 4 months payment plan elapsed.  Kato is so happy with his bicycle and noted that he has only changed tires on his 2 wheeler and was planning to refer 2 friends who are interested in joining the program.

Michael Othieno, Security Guard, Ultimate Security Company, Wakiso district

Othieno works as a security guard at the Ultimate Security Company and deployed at the FAWE offices in Bukoto to guard, patrol and monitor the premises to prevent theft. He stays in Nansana about 40minutes from his workplace and he normally pays a fare of Shs.8000 ($2) daily to commute from his home to the workplace. He noted “sometimes I don’t have transport especially if our salaries have been delayed and needed to walk to work”. Under CFF’s Bike donation program, Othieno was given a Genesis Mountain Bike after a good recommendation from the Human Resource officer in FAWE. The bicycle has enabled him reach his workplace in time and also supports his family needs like buying medicines from a clinic, visiting the market and its also used by his son Edson to do more family errands.

Entebbe Parents Primary School bike donation

We received a request for a donation from the Principal Mr. Tom Mafabi, Entebbe Parents School to support the school teachers who walk for over 40minutes to teach at the government school. Teachers ply the long rural roads in-order to teach children in their communities. The school has 500 pupils and CFF decided to donate 5 bicycles which will be delivered simultaneously at the school and the 1st donation was a black Northwood Bicycle size 27 which was received by the students and the principal. We believe the bicycles will aid the movement of teachers to support learning at the school.

Mishima Munehiro (Coordinator, Japan International Cooperation Agency)

CFF is happy to partner with  Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Uganda to support Japanese volunteers with a bicycle to help in implementing agriculture, education and community development projects in rural communities.

Volunteers work with community people in their farms to maximize yields and also teach mathematics, science and physical education in primary and vocational schools. 40 bicycles were given to JICA in 2022, 21 bicycles, 11 helmets and 8 pumps in 2023 received by Mr. Mishima Munehiro, volunteer coordinator. Mr. Mishima noted that bicycles will support volunteers in community outreach activities and reach underserved communities in rural areas.

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